Secure 24/7 Access

The ICU Database is web-based, so teachers can create, monitor, and manage missing assignments online anytime from any computer with internet access. Each teacher has their own username and password for easy, secure access.



The setup and support of the ICU Database is combined into one fee of $1,999 for an initial year, and an annual support fee of $999 is billed each year thereafter. Text/SMS notifications are included.


Please email us with any questions you may have about the database:

The "Power of ICU" Culture

The ICU Database makes entering and managing missing assignments easy. You can even create an attachment (e.g. the assignment in electronic form - doc, pdf, etc.) for each missing assignment so stakeholders can easily print extra copies. Students can be grouped together and viewed in "filters" (e.g. grade level, academic discipline, athletics, band, choir, clubs, at-risk, etc.) so everyone can become involved in reviving student engagement and responsibility.

Stakeholder Notifications

When a teacher puts a student's missing assignment on the ICU list, the student's parents are automatically texted and emailed a notification of the missing assignment. The email includes any specified comments or attachments from the teacher and can also be setup for homeroom/advisor teachers, club sponsors, coaches, etc.

Easy Setup

You send us a list of teachers and students, we do the rest! Once a school signs up, we'll send a list of suggested data fields to include with your lists. Most schools assign a technical point-person at the school or district level who has the ability to export data from their student information system or a school-based technology specialist.

Customer Service & Support

We're here to help! Support is available by phone or email. Because the ICU Database is web-based we can provide remote support and make adjustments for you on the fly.


Live Demo

Visit the link below and the credentials listed here to browse
through a demo version of the ICU Database.

Teacher Login

 Username: claraclayton

 Password: greatscott

School Admin Login

 Username: schooladmin

 Password: oldglory