Managing Missing Assignments Made Easy

Used by Schools Across the Country to Defeat Student Apathy
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The Ultimate ICU List

The ICU Database is the supercharged “ICU list” used by schools across the country who are implementing the Power of ICU’s “Proven Formula for Student Success”: Completion + Quality Assignments + Healthy Grading = Student Success!

The ICU Database is web-based, so teachers can create, monitor, and manage missing assignments with ease.

  • Secure 24/7 Access
  • Data Dashboard
  • Stakeholder Notifications
  • Focused Intervention
  • Easy Setup & Excellent Support
  • Access to the ICU Network

Secure 24/7 Access

The ICU Database is web-based, so teachers can create, monitor, and manage missing assignments online anytime from any computer with internet access. Each teacher has their own username and password for easy, secure access.

Data Dashboard

The database dashboard shows real-time, school-wide missing assignment data, including charts and graphs of completed and missing assignments, grade-level breakdowns, entered/completed histograph, and student/teacher top-ten lists.

Stakeholder Notifications

When a teacher puts a student's missing assignment on the ICU list, parents are automatically texted and emailed a notification of the missing assignment. The email includes any specified comments or attachments from the teacher.

Focused Intervention

Students can be grouped together and viewed in "filters" (school groups, clubs, teams, etc.) so every adult (from interventionist to football coach to band director, etc.) can become involved in reviving student engagement and responsibility.

Easy Setup & Excellent Support

You send us a list of teachers and students, we do the rest! Our support team is ready to assist before during/setup and throughout the year. Because the ICU Database is web-based we can provide remote support and make adjustments for you on the fly.

Access to the ICU Network

Every school is different! Looking for tools and resources to help in the fight against student apathy? Connect with other ICU schools from across the country to learn different strategies and ideas for building layers of support that work for you!

Database Screenshots

The ICU Database has been the 'game changer' for getting everyone on board. The response from parents and students has been amazing. The assignments have been rolling in.

Arkansas Principal

We knew we had an apathy issue, and we would have made ourselves crazy tracking down everyone who didn't want to get on the bus. This way, we are hyper focused on which kids to track.

Missouri Principal

ICU is going very well. Our teachers really like it and our parents love it. I have received nothing but positive feedback. Our students have now completed 1,142 assignments!

Ohio Principal

Live Demo

Launch the demo database, and use the credentials listed here to browse through a live version of the ICU Database.

Teacher Login

Username: claraclayton
Password: greatscott

School Admin Login

Username: schooladmin
Password: oldglory


Over One Million Text Messages Sent to Parents Last Year


The setup and support of the ICU Database is combined into one fee of $1,999 for an initial year, and an annual support fee of $999 is billed each year thereafter. Text/SMS notifications are included. Add-ons for special, extended features are available at an additional price and are listed on the online order form.